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Empowering Community Members to Advance Health Equity: Building Capacity through Innovative Training Models

A webinar presented with ASTHO (Association of State and Territorial Health Officers)



Blueprint for Action

The Blueprint for Action reflects the challenges faced by Pacific Northwest Health Equity Council as well as existing strengths. The blueprint seeks to represent the region in terms of demographics, geographic distribution of resources, health and healthcare disparities, as well as selected social determinants of health of the states, tribes, communities and individuals within Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.


Language Equity Guide

A guide to new national standards, that go beyond compliance, to provide appropriate and effective  language services.

Notebook and Pen

Health Equity Storytelling

Join us in capturing and archiving health equity stories from public health professionals. Our aims to inspire, motivate and challenge current health equity concerns to initiate faster and better health equality and equity.

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